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[Owner] poolaren A posted Apr 7, 14
We are getting a pretty high amount of staff applications at the moment which is both from people that play almost daily and old people that haven't played for a while so I'm gonna make this short.

Don't apply unless you are on the top 20 players of the month! All of these applications will get removed without a warning.
andrelikeschips how do u get in the top 20 of the month
As you may have noticed the server is crashing alot which is a problem we can't fix because there is some chunks that whenever you enter them it crashes the server so I'm asking you if I should keep the map but with alot of crashes or reset the tekkit map so we can have a stable uptime without crashes.
[Owner] poolaren A As the server crashes way too often I've decided to make a map reset though I'm gonna try and make it so people keep the ...
[S-S] at0635 I think there should be a map reset, I like the idea of a big DP to help players start again... But it will be difficult ...
3pic777 Would it be possible to keep the same seed and have players keep their stuff? Because I really love where my base is, I' ...
We did close the mod applications because there are enough staff now. Support applications are still on use, so if you want to apply for staff, start a "thread" on "support applicants" on the "forum". 
As the server is getting more popular I think for staff and donators it can get annoying when the server is very full. Maybe have a small 4 or 5 slot tekkit server with no plugins but like world edit and some stuff keeping it small just for a few staff and donors to go on keeping it small should mean there will be no lag on the other one what do you think??

miccth12370 This is a great idea. i think it would attract more people, and u would get more donations
[Admin] T0mmyGun123 A I think it's a great idea because it can be private for staff and can be more relaxing every once in a while. I like the ...
[Co-Own] Work4godsake A you dont need to pay to add more slots too.

On Minecraft-MP we have been bumped up 110 ranks in the past 3 days. Thankyou everyone who has voted and please continue to vote.

Secondly there have been to new people who have got Support staff these people are 'TomWright2000' and 'Lordveng'.

Thirdly we are in the middle of building a new /warp wild which is better than the current one so bare with us please thankyou.

InsanityWorld staff.
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