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[Co-Own] smeg_head A posted Sun at 23:43
Hello, I am Smeg_head the owner of this server call along with Work4godsake the developer Poolaren and the admin T0mmygun123. We are here to bring you the best Minecraft experience possible!

The old server which some of you might of came from which was sadly got shut down, but all things great must come to an end and sadly that was insanityworlds time. Until now the server of all servers is being born! This server wont be released to the public until a week or so after this post is on the website. 

visit the website at:
Hello all X-Insanityworld users, New server opening soon, more infomation coming soon

Thank you all

[Owner] poolaren A posted May 3, 14
As you may have noticed I haven't had time to get on/manage the server for the past few weeks mainly because of school and lately I've lost the interest in hosting the server, so this is the official goodbye of Insanity World. To everyone that ever played/donated to the server you are the guys that made me keep the server up and running but as both the population on the server decreased the donations also decreased which resulted in the server being empty almost all the time and just a program taking up space and time for me to monitor (when I got time to).

Thank you all again I hope we'll meet somewhere else in another game/another server or just anywhere but this is my last words as the owner of Insanity World.
[God] altairibn99 Damn, this had to be the best tekkit server out there! :/ R.I.P. Poolaren, you are the best server owner a guy could ask ...
chanceman0599 Well this is upseting.
[Mod] lordveng that's sad.. I've put up a server at for anyone who would like to join me. ...


[Owner] poolaren A posted Apr 7, 14
We are getting a pretty high amount of staff applications at the moment which is both from people that play almost daily and old people that haven't played for a while so I'm gonna make this short.

Don't apply unless you are on the top 20 players of the month! All of these applications will get removed without a warning.
andrelikeschips how do u get in the top 20 of the month
As you may have noticed the server is crashing alot which is a problem we can't fix because there is some chunks that whenever you enter them it crashes the server so I'm asking you if I should keep the map but with alot of crashes or reset the tekkit map so we can have a stable uptime without crashes.
[Owner] poolaren A As the server crashes way too often I've decided to make a map reset though I'm gonna try and make it so people keep the ...
[S-S] at0635 I think there should be a map reset, I like the idea of a big DP to help players start again... But it will be difficult ...
3pic777 Would it be possible to keep the same seed and have players keep their stuff? Because I really love where my base is, I' ...
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