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[Owner] poolaren AStaff+ posted Nov 7, 14
As scheduled the server is going through some major maintenance at the moment but this will take longer than expected and the server will suffer from some major downtimes.

Edit: Did not go as planned, reverted back to the old settings.

Internet issues.

[Owner] poolaren AStaff+ posted Nov 6, 14
As some may have noticed the server is offline for an unknown time due to the provider having some major internet issues, problem should be fixed untill later tonight but i cant promise anything.

Edit: Fixed
[Dev] Tekkit_Developer ADev COOOL but sad ;( I wanned to join it ;(


[Owner] poolaren AStaff+ posted Oct 25, 14
Due to the server being back up we're now having a 50% sale on everything in the shop as an opening gift. The sale ends the 11th november.
As the title says the awaits is now over, Insanity World is now back online!

We're still sticking to tekkit classic so if you're still interested the new IP is:

Honestly I've missed hosting the server, it felt like one part of my life disappeared when I closed it so me and Work4godsake (kieran) came up with the idea to start hosting it again, this doesn't mean it reset everything, everyone who donated or had a rank they will keep their old rank on our new server with the same permissions as before so we would gladly have you joining back.
[Co-Own] Work4godsake AStaff+ yes and yes ...
[Dev] Tekkit_Developer ADev I love your idea. It has been boring for me too. I might join the server again week 44. So is it tekkit classic? Version ...

Thank you all

[Owner] poolaren AStaff+ posted May 3, 14
As you may have noticed I haven't had time to get on/manage the server for the past few weeks mainly because of school and lately I've lost the interest in hosting the server, so this is the official goodbye of Insanity World. To everyone that ever played/donated to the server you are the guys that made me keep the server up and running but as both the population on the server decreased the donations also decreased which resulted in the server being empty almost all the time and just a program taking up space and time for me to monitor (when I got time to).

Thank you all again I hope we'll meet somewhere else in another game/another server or just anywhere but this is my last words as the owner of Insanity World.
[God] altairibn99 Damn, this had to be the best tekkit server out there! :/ R.I.P. Poolaren, you are the best server owner a guy could ask ...
chanceman0599 Well this is upseting.
lordveng that's sad.. I've put up a server at for anyone who would like to join me. ...
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